3 Rounds NFT:
8-12 Handstand Push-ups
3-8 Muscle-ups
:20-:30 L-sit hold or L-sit progression

*15:00 cap

AMRAP in 10:00
50 Burpees
50 Power Cleans (135/95)

On January 26th we will be hosting what will look like a Nutrition Challenge, but it is also a Lifestyle Challenge. I think the term “Lifestyle” is more appropriate for how we want you to treat the 5 week challenge. It is really about you educating yourself on all aspects of well-being (nutrition, exercise, mobility, hydration, and sleep) and changing how you perceive your lifestyle. For instance, when it comes to food choices, instead of saying “I’m hungry…..let’s order pizza…..ugh, now I feel like crap,” you say “I don’t eat pizza because it makes me feel bloated and tired, and I prefer to feel good.” The same goes for exercise. You may not always want to get out and move around, but you never regret working out. It makes you feel good. Being more mobile, being hydrated, and getting a good night’s sleep are all things that make us feel good, and guess what, they are good for us.

Some important details for you:

Posting points on a daily basis – There will be a Facebook group specifically for all challengers to post their points. If you don’t have FB, join it for the challenge. It is a great way to share recipes and keep accountability.

The challenge runs from January 26th – March 1. The points for day 1’s sleep is considered to be Sunday, January 25th into Monday, January 26th.

Weigh Ins – You must weigh in between January 23 – 29th and email freedomathleticacademy@gmail.com with your weight. There is a scale at the gym for you to use. You are welcome to weigh yourself on another scale, just make sure you use the same scale for the weigh out. For the “weigh out” you must do so between February 27th – March 2nd as we will be announcing winners March 9th.

We hope you give this challenge a shot and see all the wonderful benefits that come along with making some simple dietary changes.

Sign up at the gym today!


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