Workout 1

Running workout:
4 rounds:
900m: Alternating between 200m fast run & 100m easy jog

Rest: 4 min between sets

Workout details: Run 200m fast, jog 100m easy, repeat until you reach a total of 900m, rest 4 mins. Repeat for total of 4 rounds.

Workout pacing: The 200m intervals at your mile PR pace. Your 100m intervals are any jogging speed (no walking)

Workout 2

Rowing workout:
Split: 1st 900m @ 1K + 8, 100m recovery row, FINAL 250 @ >1K(remember, 1K +X means your 1K average split from your original 1K test, plus X means the number of seconds to add on. So if my average split was 1:50, then 1K +6 would be a 1:56 pace for that particular piece)

Rest 5:00 between each piece

How to program the monitor:
Main menu >>> Select workout >>> New workout >>> intervals distance >>> set distance: 1250m, set rest: 5:00, check mark when ready to begin


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