Monday Morning ReMinders 


-For the whole month of May we will be having Refer A Friend Month. Grab a Gift of Fitness Card from us and give it to a friend…if your friend decides to join we will give them $25 off first month and you $25 off your next month. 

**If it is someone who has never done CrossFit, please let us know the day before they come if possible. Email us at 

-PLEASE help us out and sign in to class prior to starting. There is a tablet in the lobby that is super easy to use. If that one is being used and has a line the iPad in the gym can be used. 
-There will no longer be a 7:30 class on Fridays.
-5am class has started. It will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 
– Looking at going to Regionals to support CH? Check out the CrossFit games website for discounted prices. Watch out for Regional T-Shirts coming to Freedom very shortly. 
-May 13th…..We are excited to have Andrea Ager hosting a seminar at FAA. Sign up!!


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