Monday Morning ReMinders 

Monday Morning ReMinders 7.3.17
Hey Freedom Fam…..happy 4th of July. Lots going on at FAA. We are under some major renovations. Please be patient with us during this positive change. You can still check in on the ipad right now. Located on the wooden dresser for now. 

-Tomorrow the 4th….9am only. 

-July 7th. Nutrition Night. 7:30pm. Sign up to bring some healthy food and learn about how to fuel your body just right to see the results you want. 

– July 19th. Open House. Do you have any friends that have always wanted to try Freedom. The Open House is a great opportunity. Any class from 2:30 on will be open to people to come check it out and do a workout. Any questions, email me. 

– August 19th. The Big Wave Throwdown. Come check out the first of its kind. Some athletes are coming to Freedom to throwdown, hang out, and have some fun. We will have some cool things to check out. Mark it on your calendar. 

– August 27th. Freedom goes to Fire Island. Come hang out on FI with your Freedom Family. More details to come. 

-As always we are looking for your awesome transformation pics. Please email them w a short summary. We know you’re out there!! 

-Its July and you know that means a new member Spotlight. Stay tight. He will be announced shortly. 


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