Monday Morning ReMinders 

Monday Morning ReMinders 8.21.17
Hey Freedom Fam…It’s Monday. Again. Let’s have a great week. Gym renos are almost done 🙂  
-Please sign in on iPad at desk. 
-We are open on Saturday. 8-1130

Sunday no workout. Fire Island bound. 
-You are welcome to use fridge in supply closet. We will clean it out tho on the daily. 
-September 23 CF Gymnastics will be here holding a seminar. Sign up!! 
-The Titan Run. Sign up for 1130 slot. September 30th 
-FINALLY!!!!! August 27th. Freedom goes to Fire Island. Come hang out on FI with your Freedom Family. Here is a tentative plan for the day….. Ocean Beach F.I. 

11am meet up on the beach 

1pm lunch at Bocce Beach 

Go back to beach 

5:30pm happy hour at The Albatross 

We are so excited for this. 

The Freedom Classic is coming….October 21st. Check out the following link for more info. You can also volunteer. I’ll have a list up soon.

-As always we are looking for your awesome transformation pics. Please email them w a short summary. We know you’re out there!! 


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