Monday Morning ReMinders 


Happy Monday y’all. 

-We had an amazing trip to Fire Island. Thanks to Mike Masem and James Mallot for hooking us up with food and drink. Maybe a little too much drink. Lol. 
-Please sign in to class when you get to the gym. The iPad is on the new desk. 
-Flex on the Beach is September 16th. Who is in?? We have 4 teams in. Let’s represent a little more. 
-Freedom Classic is October 21. Sign up at….

     We will also need volunteers for this event. I’ll have a sign up sheet for that as we get a bit closer. But let’s have lots of teams repping our gym at our own competition. 

Dates coming up…..


8- Nutrition Night (look for a sign up for food soon) 7PM

16- Flex

23- CF Gymnastics Seminar. Check out (You do not have to be L1 certified to take this course) 

25- Grand Re-opening at FAA ALL DAY….Bring a friend. They sign up. You get a special something. 

30- The Titan Run Sign up for the 11:30 slot to be with your Freedom Fam Use code “freedom” 


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