Before you dive into our workouts with 100% intensity, you MUST be able to perform all of the movements in a consistently safe and efficient manner. This will help to maximize your experience within our program as well as ensure long-term results.

Prior to joining our General Group Classes, everyone must participate in Foundations, a week-long program designed to introduce to the facility, the movements, training and intensity found in our group classes. Our Foundations Program consists of 6 MANDATORY training sessions, held over a 2 week period.

How It Works

Sign up HERE!


Step 1:

Come by F.A.A. and sign up for Foundations.

Step 2:

Show up to your assigned classes. A couple of notes about our Foundations classes:
• The purpose of our Foundations Program is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely integrate into our regular group classes.
• You will be working under the supervision of our coaches in a small group format with other participants that are new to our program.
• Each class will focus on learning and practicing the movements found in our workouts, emphasizing proper technique, speed and range of motion.
• At the end of each class, you will be taken through an appropriately challenging workout incorporating the movements learned in class that day.

Step 3:

GRADUATION! Once you have completed all of your Foundations sessions , you will be invited to join our regular classes! Following Foundations, you will be in a 2 week probation period. This just helps you and us, to ease you into our regulars classes, and gives you a little extra, special attention.
Space in each Foundations session is limited and on a first-come, first –serve basis. To reserve your spot, you must sign up and provide payment in full in advance.


  1. Hi I was looking into your program and was wondering when the foundation clases usually meet like what day and times ? My brother goes to your gym and I’ve been eager to get started

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