Gymnastics (Coming Soon)

Freedom Gymnastics is for the athlete that wants to increase their strength, body awareness, mobility, and conditioning. The program is comprimised of “The Necessary”: your core work, stretching, tempo work, static holds and progressions.. I know, BORING! It will also include some of “The Sexy”: dynamic kipping/swinging action.

The Sexy is what most athletes jump to right away. Swinging/kipping action can be exciting and fun, but can also give an athlete a false sense of understanding movement. Completing a specific skill one time shouldn’t be the end goal. Without “The Necessary”, an athlete can never fully grasp the full potential of dynamic action. If The Necessary is locked in, the range of skills and drills an athlete can achieve increases exponentially. The process takes time, but anything worth achieving takes consistent training. This process is the great separator between the good athletes and the great. Take pride in the process. Appreciate that the incremental gains and the skills will not only come, but they will stay for the long term. One of the most frustrating things that can happen to an athlete is learn a movement, have it perfect one day, then forget how to do it the next. Many times the reason why this happens is that The Necessary was skipped and an athlete made a skill more out of luck rather than true understanding. The goal is to achieve a skill and to make it stick for the long term.

You can’t do The Sexy without The Necessary.

The 2 weekly workouts will be posted on Saturdays, and when combined with your existing Freedom Programming, they will help you to develop substantial performance gains.